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Development Priorities


  1. Establishing the excellence of teaching team, integrating both campus space     and  facilities, and training the specialists in live and technology

College of Living Technology positively integrates those who are proficient in foreign languages, health and leisure industry management, and live and applied beauty technology. The integration of faculties and facilities aims to expedite the production of more holistic specialists in live and technology. Moreover, the goal of integration is expected to assist the development of industry and thoroughly enhance the qualities of domestic industries related to live and technology.

               2.Expand more opportunities for students’ future career and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace

The policy is outlined to take the advantages of facultieslaboratory, and facilities in each department of college of live and technology to strengthen the integration of both theories and practice in teaching and research.  Through the academic attractions in internationalized health / leisure industries and beauty technology, students are expected to gain more opportunities for their advanced study .  By means of practical training, students can improve their specialty in their field and broadly satisfy the requirements for future job application.

  1. Intensify academic research and increase the opportunities of intercultural interactions

Positively enrich library resources and facilities in college of live and technology.Create a better environment for faculties to conduct research and encourage them to participate in the research related to leisure industry management and applied beauty technology.Furthermore , it is vital to set up the academic forum for discussion wherever the participants stay in Taiwan or abroad.Faculties are encouraged to take part in both domestic and foreign academic conferences and present their paper in the fields of international leisure industry management and beauty technology.The execution of the policy attempts to thoroughly enhance the research qualities in college of live and technology.

  1. Facilitate industry-university collaboration and assist the connections between industries and all the departments in college of live and technology

Faculties in college of live and technology are suggested to make the most use of industries and communities, since these resources are abundant in central Taiwan.Moreover, it is significant not only to build the strategic collaboration between industries and university but also extensively accept the request from industries. Faculties should make more efforts to actively increase the opportunities of industry-university collaboration and the opening of apprentice programs.For the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness in managing industries, faculties are suggested to undertake the counseling for either individual industry or the whole industries.The issue of industry management can be used as the guideline for the solution of the industry.

  1. Provide the opportunities of lifelong learning

Faculties in college of live and technology are encouraged to take the advantages of teaching resources in both college and departments.They are also encouraged to assist the continuing division to open live and technology specific programs and credit classes.These programs are designed for those who have already employed and proved the opportunities for them to study.In addition, faculties are suggested to address the serial lectures for those who live in nearby areas.The purpose of providing these opportunities for learning can promote recurrent education , which aims to reach the goal of lifelong learning.

  1. Continuously promote 5 crossing-department programs

College of live and technology continuously promote 5 crossing - department programs, Professional training of tourism personnel, practical training program for foreign language tour guide, aromatherapy and leisure management training program, the intergration program of creative tourism and wellness tourism, and creative prouduct design program.  The availability of these 5 programs are associated with the development of university.  The ultimate goal manages to achieve the integrity in college of live and technology.

  1. Continuously develop integrated research center

The goal of fashionable live and beauty technology research development center aims to strengthen the cooperation between beauty fashion and industries, deepen the technology of their research products, gain more experiences in beauty and fashion industries, and feature the specialty in

  1. Industry-University collaboration.

To strengthen Extension Education and Industry- academia Collaboration

Nowadays social development changes rapidly. The staff has urgent need to enhance their expertise and second professional specialty. CTU always takes it our responsibility to serve community industry. The College of Living Technology fully cooperates and takes it our important objectives to promote extension education and Industry- academia collaboration.

  1. Extension Education

Teachers in The College of Living Technology are encouraged to teach in extension education section. By teacher-community interaction, we learn more theoretical application and achieve our policy to cultivate professional experts of Living Technology.

  1. Industry- academia Collaboration

The College of Living Technology will actively seek opportunities for cooperation with industry. We integrate teachers’ professional management technique to meet the needs of industry and establish a good interaction. We continue to promote industry- university cooperation by which we benefit each other.

  1. Implementation of Cross-department Program

We have set up five cross-department programs including program of tourism personnel training, program of courier practice in foreign languages, program of aromatherapy and the management of tourism and leisure, features integration of cultural and creative tourism and health care tourism, program of innovative product design and developing professional characteristics. We actively encourage students to attend the programs. Besides, we adjust deliberately many times the details to enhance students’ willing to attend.

  1. To promote internationalization

We actively participate in school activities to expand international exchanges; for example, we recruit foreign students and hire experienced foreign scholars and experts to CTU for academic exchanges. Besides, we strengthen foreign language teaching and tutor students to apply for English Proficiency Test to enhance their international competitiveness.

  1. To recruit institute graduates and integrate teaching resources

Our further integration of teaching resources will be based on Graduate Institute of Beauty Science Technology to promote academic research and cultivate academic researchers and educators. Our aim is to achieve academic research in advanced education and cultivate talented professionals.